global opportunities


As we continue to fully explore the broad potential of our platform and candidates, we’ve engaged in both industry and academic collaboration and transactions to maximize our opportunities.


In September 2023, we announced a strategic collaboration with CTMC, a joint venture between National Resilience, Inc. and MD Anderson Cancer Center, to provide full process development and manufacturing support for and expedite the development of our two lead engineered tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte eTIL® programs, KSQ-001EX and KSQ-004EX, both of which are advancing toward clinical studies for the treatment of solid tumors.


In July 2023, we entered into a worldwide license and collaboration agreement with Roche for the development and commercialization of KSQ-4279, our first-in-class, potent, and selective small molecule inhibitor of USP1, a protein that regulates DNA damage response (DDR). Under the collaboration, Roche has assumed full development responsibilities for KSQ-4279 (as RO7623066), which is currently being studied in a Phase 1 clinical trial for the treatment of a variety of solid tumors cancers. Under the terms of the agreement, KSQ received up-front payment and is eligible to receive additional milestone and royalty payments.

In May 2023, we announced the expansion of our strategic immuno-oncology program with Takeda to identify and validate novel tumor-intrinsic targets including targets that affect the sensitivity of tumors to immune cell-mediated death in the tumor microenvironment. This expansion follows the achievement of several milestones within our original collaboration, initiated in 2021, which has focused on the discovery of novel NK cell and T cell-based targets. Under the terms of the expanded agreement, Takeda provided KSQ with an upfront payment and investment and KSQ is eligible to receive up to $510 million in future payments if all milestones are achieved during the term of the agreement, plus royalties on potential net sales of any commercial product resulting from the collaboration.

In January 2023, we announced that Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. had acquired multiple of our research-stage DNA damage response (DDR) programs identified using our CRISPRomics platform technology, all novel with the potential to become first-in-class therapies. Under the terms of the agreement, ONO provided KSQ a double-digit million upfront payment with additional near-term milestone payments expected and potential royalties based on any future net sales achieved.


In addition to our corporate partnerships, we also collaborate with top-tier academic institutions.