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We systematically discover and pursue the best therapeutic targets for disease intervention, aspiring to the day when cures become the standard of care for patients.

About Us

KSQ Therapeutics is pioneering High-Confidence Drug Development: a fundamentally new approach to R&D where the majority of the de-risking work is done prior to the generation of therapeutic drug candidates. Powered by our proprietary CRISPRomics™ drug discovery engine, our team has elucidated the function that each human gene plays in multiple diseases, providing a unique and more comprehensive understanding of disease biology. The quality of these insights enables our scientists to rapidly identify and validate high-confidence, patient-tailored, novel drug targets and then focus our collective efforts on the development of medicines with the greatest potential to impact the lives of patients. KSQ has initiated a pipeline of preclinical discovery programs and was founded in 2015.

CRISPRomics™ Engine

CRISPRomics™ is our industrialized functional genomics engine that utilizes a suite of proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 tools to enable high confidence drug development. We have deployed this engine both in vitro and in vivo in patient-relevant disease models to identify and genetically validate multiple novel targets that we have advanced into discovery programs. CRISPRomics has broad utility across multiple therapeutic areas for the company and future collaborators.

Key Discoveries Enabling CRISPRomics™

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Therapeutic Focus

Powered by CRISPRomics™, KSQ  is rapidly expanding its initial pre-clinical pipeline of proprietary tumor and immune-focused oncology programs.

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