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Vivarium Manager, In Vivo Pharmacology

At KSQ Therapeutics, we seek to understand the role of every human gene in each disease, each tissue, and each cell that we study. This comprehensive approach has resulted in a massive, experimentally derived dataset that we have found to be remarkably predictive of past successes and failures in oncology and immuno-oncology product development. Utilizing this approach, we also identified a number of opportunities for the development of new medicines. As a result, we have aggressively invested in these distinct, highly validated pathways for new drug development with the expectation that the medicines we create may become the next breakthrough products for patients.

Founded in late 2015, KSQ is a clinical-stage biotech that has rapidly advanced the field of CRISPR-enabled functional genomics, from in vitro cell autonomous screens to more complex genome-scale screens of immune cells in vivo. The company has expanded the scope of its technology to include multiple cell types and to unlock areas beyond oncology. KSQ is led by a team of accomplished industry experts in drug discovery and development.

Position Summary

KSQ Therapeutics Inc, is seeking an experienced and reliable vivarium manager to oversee and coordinate the daily activities within the animal facility. This individual will be responsible for maintaining performance levels consistent with and according to company standards and regulatory requirements.


  • BSc in Animal Science or related filed
  • 6+ years or experience in a laboratory animal facility with at least 4 years of facility management experience in a rodent or multiple species animal facility
  • 3-5 years in a supervisory or staff management role is preferred
  • Certification/Licensure: American Associate for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) certification at the Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) level required. CMAR preferred
  • Experience as part of an institutional IACUC preferred
  • Expert knowledge of laboratory animal facilities operations, animal equipment and supplies and personal protective equipment
  • Knowledge of applicable federal and state regulations and guidelines pertaining to laboratory animals. Compliance experience working with regulatory and professional agencies (USDA, OLAW, DEA, etc.)
  • Knowledge of animal physiology/anatomy, recognition of normal/abnormal behavior, clinical problems and animal welfare issues with technical proficiency in common in vivo procedures
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively train and direct others in the conduct of common and advanced laboratory animal procedures
  • Ability to effectively follow verbal and written instructions and exhibit interpersonal skills that are conducive to effective communication and that contribute to a congenial work environment
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Follows precise procedures and demonstrates thoroughness in performing job tasks and assignments
  • Covid-19 vaccination is a condition of employment at KSQ, subject to reasonable accommodation where required by law. Employees must be fully vaccinated by date of hire to be considered.


  • Manage the day to day running of the onsite vivarium including but not limited to equipment maintenance,
  • Supervise the daily activities of staff conducting husbandry and study support activities in the vivarium.
  • Ensure the proper inventory, care, feeding and delivery of animals, sanitation of equipment and facilities, the procurement and storage of supplies and the maintenance of related equipment and facilities.
  • Responsible for ensuring animal facility meets defined expectations including equipment maintenance, room sanitation, organization and cleanliness
  • Participate in the development, implementation and maintenance of Guidance Documents. Ensure compliance with all SOP's and quality assurance standards pertaining to the animal vivarium.
  • Cares for and maintains laboratory animals in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and the “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, as well as KSQ policies, Guidelines, IACUC and other pertinent regulations and policies.
  • Oversees consistent practices of KSQ’s safety policies and procedures. Ensures staff operates and maintains equipment and supplies according to SOPs, safety guidelines; perform general housekeeping and adhere to safety procedures. Comply with safety policies and procedures and SDS guidelines, including those related to biohazards, chemical hazards and radioactive substances. Supervises in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Work closely with consulting veterinarian, department head and Principal Investigators to ensure excellence in animal health care and welfare
  • Required to assume the position of IACUC chair with responsibilities including but not limited to coordination of meetings, inspections, documentation creation and management etc
  • Required to participate in husbandry and technician activities as needed including holiday/weekend coverage

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